Better not risk a lip - what can harm your lips

Better not risk a lip - what can harm your lips

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Your lips are not just a visual eye-catcher, so to speak. But they are also often exposed and need a certain amount of protection and care. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that lips are inherently relatively unprotected, often come into contact with various substances (eg during breathing, while eating or even when kissing) and are exposed to changing environmental influences (weather conditions). At the same time, your lip skin is comparatively thin. While the rest of the facial skin consists of up to 16 cell layers, the lip has only three to five cell layers. In addition, your lips have no sweat or sebum glands and therefore cannot grease themselves or regulate themselves in any other way. That's why it's important to know how to protect and care for your lips.

Lip care is also up to you

Sustainable lip care starts with basic oral hygiene. In this way, germs, fungi or other inflammations are reduced or prevented from the outset. In this context, you should also avoid permanent impairments in the case of misaligned teeth or problems with dentures. Sufficient and balanced hydration is also one of the basics for healthy lips. If you rely on lip balm for care, natural products with appropriate ingredients should be used. Of course, this also applies to lipsticks. And if, fortunately, you can be outside in intense sunshine, think of your lips when it comes to UV protection!

Get active in the event of illness

Cold sores in particular can be painful and persistent. There are some home remedies and medicines that can then be used effectively. However, it is often also about individual experiences, or the causes of this viral disease. In case of doubt or pain, better go to the dermatologist! Splashed lips are also quite common, but can be treated with care balm, petroleum jelly or simply by applying natural oils (eg olive oil). Sometimes a proven vitamin or iron deficiency is also responsible for diseases on the lip. In this regard, too, it is important for you to prevent accordingly! Healthy lips stand for beauty and make you more attractive. Just make sure it stays that way by protecting your lips and taking care of them in the most natural way possible!