Raus damit! Auf welche Inhaltsstoffe du bei Kosmetika verzichten solltest

Out with it! Which ingredients you should avoid in cosmetics

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In conventional cosmetics you will usually find numerous ingredients whose mode of action - or even their risk potential - you should better do without. Especially if you care about your skin, your health and of course the environment. Here is a small - and certainly not exhaustive - overview of ingredients of concern to keep in mind when making your next cosmetic purchase. Especially since there are a lot of natural alternatives - also with us.

Formaldehydes are used to preserve conventional cosmetics, albeit less and less. Because they irritate the skin and damage its structure.

Benzophenones, in turn, are said to act as chemical UV filters. However, it can lead to allergic reactions - especially with more sensitive skin types. Hormonal problems can also occur. And here, too, there is a suspicion that cancer diseases may be promoted.

Mineral oils or ingredients developed from them should also be deliberately avoided. The mere promotion of these causes environmental pollution. In addition, they hardly have any caring properties, but on the contrary clog pores and thus counteract the natural tasks of the skin.

So-called plasticizers - also known as phthalates - are intended to create a creamy effect. But since they are fat and water soluble, they can also be dangerous for your body. This applies, for example, to the pancreas, obesity or effects on the hormone balance. If they are used as humectants, they can cause allergic reactions or damage to the kidneys and liver.

Often found in creams are emulsifiers . These substances damage important skin functions in the long term and often lead to dehydration. Which then leads to the fact that cream is applied again. No healthy cycle!

Silicones also cover the skin or hair like an airtight layer and impair important natural processes in your skin, which then dries up in a similar way to emulsifiers.

Surfactants, on the other hand, are primarily intended to foam and clean, but are therefore also quite aggressive. This is noticeable if your skin itches after use or even the mucous membranes become irritated.

That was only a partial insight - but maybe it will make you also have a critical eye in the future when you next go shopping for cosmetics!