Lippenbalsam ohne Plastik statt herkömmlicher Lippenbekenntnisse

Lip balm without plastic instead of conventional lip service

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We place high demands on our products in many respects. Clear principles apply to us. One of the most important of these is to use less plastic and, ideally, no more plastic. To do this, we not only rely on ingredients that are of natural origin, but also look for and develop recyclable alternatives for the respective packaging. We see ourselves on the right track and have set ourselves the goal of becoming a 100 percent plastic-free company by 2023. We only use biodegradable substances and materials. We also strive for a zero-waste policy. Because we are firmly convinced: we all and our earth need less "lip service" but more concrete actions!

Lip balm that looks natural and arrives

Your lips are exposed to special demands and influences every day - you can learn more about it here! Lips therefore need care – individually more or less. There is now a lip balm that only uses ingredients and active ingredients from nature. What looks completely natural is used in our products. We test and try carefully and ensure that the mix is ​​just as right as it is healthy. But each of us has our own personal taste. That's why we offer different flavors in our lip balm series, each with a natural active ingredient and ingredient as the basic basis.

The variety of natural ingredients and active ingredients

For example, castor oil is one of the most used ingredients in lip balms and lipsticks because it is an excellent natural moisturizer. When it comes to beeswax, we make sure that no bees are injured or killed during the manufacturing process. Our lip balm is therefore suitable for vegetarians. Coconut oil, on the other hand, works wonders, especially for chapped lips, and can be applied gently. Cocoa butter, on the other hand, is a natural antioxidant that surrounds the lips with a kind of protective layer and provides lasting care. Sunflower seed oil is a valuable source of minerals and nutrients (vitamins A and D) and an ideal carrier for essential oils and aromas. 100 percent recycled raspberry seed oil from juicing moisturizes the skin and leaves lips silky soft. Natural vitamin E in our lip balm also serves as an antioxidant and at the same time as a natural preservative. With peppermint oil, hemp seed oil, lavender oil, natural raspberry or strawberry aroma as well as stearyl behenate, cetyl palmitate, isopropyl myristate, other plant-based ingredients may be included. We make sure not to use any GMO raw materials. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. We're happy to do without it!

We've got the hang of it when it comes to lip balm: Zero waste!

With our lip balm products we can go from 0 to 100 together! Zero percent plastic and 100 percent ingredients of natural origin, including up to 65 percent certified plant-based ingredients. We have reduced the necessary outer packaging to a minimum and still meet a wide range of requirements. But we set ourselves the most important requirement: as zero waste as possible! All carefully selected ingredients are ideal for paper packaging. The twist pen and packaging box are made from a mix of recycled and new paper, which is naturally degradable and so easy to recycle. Now you have the choice – Click here for our lip balm offers!

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